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Shared Contacts Service allows administrators(or all domain users) to setup and manage internal and external Google Apps domain contacts which are visible to all users on the domain.

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Key Features:

  • This feature is similar to Global Address List provided in Microsoft Exchange
  • Works for ALL editions (Standard, Business (Premium) and Education) of Google Apps
  • New: 2-Way-Sync - Manage Shared Contacts from Outlook, Mobile or Gmail interface
  • New: Shared Contact Groups - Support for Shared Groups which are made available in Google Contacts interface
  • Availablity
    • Shared Contacts become visible to all users on the domain via Google Mail web interface
    • Shared Contacts avilable on Microsoft Outlook via Google Apps Sync
    • Shared Contacts available on Mobile devices - Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc
  • Contacts Management
    • Shared Contacts Service provides advanced, easy-to-use user interface(UI) to allow administrators (or all domian users) to setup and manage domain contacts
    • In Shared Contacts interface, you can create new shared contacts, bulk upload shared contacts via our portal, edit or delete existing shared contacts. You can also query for shared contacts that match particular criteria
    • Service support for all Google supported fields
      • Standard fields - like multiple email addresses, phone numbers and addresses.
      • Extended fields - like nickname, birthday, instant messanger id, website etc).
      • Custom fields - your domain specific fields
  • Your data is secure and remains within your domain
    • Service is hosted on Google App Engine and installs into your Google App domain dashboard. No additional software or service is required
    • Service is compatible with future Google changes - uses Shared Contacts API and Profiles API
  • Support for Distribution Groups (Mailing Lists)
    • Service supports distribution groups (mailing lists) so that they are usable when composing a new mail (appear in autocomplete dropdown)
  • Support for TRUE Internal Directory
    • You can create internal directory by adding additional information like phone number, employee id, nickname, birthday, cube location etc for your domain users. All of this additional information can be updated and maintained in Shared Contacts Service and will be visible to all users on the domain.

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